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All Kauaʻi Tours

Explore Kauaʻi, Hawaii

All Tours of Kauaʻi Island

Book a private tour of Kauaʻi Island  and experience the Sleeping Giant hike, the Kuilau Ridge Trail, and many incredible Kauaʻi north shore hikes. Hawaii is best experienced from the trails; let us show you the most magic spots on Kauaʻi Island. Book your tour today!

Set private tour rates for up to 4 people. Additional per-person charge for groups larger than 4


Our Kauaʻ i tours are world-class. We take you to the most special locations, seek out wildlife, and cater the tour to give every person an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re interested in hiking verdant mountain trails, swimming in waterfalls, snorkeling, or taking a scenic drive to less traveled spots on the island, Kauaʻ i Hiking Tours offers options for every traveler. Take a tour today!