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Survival & Life Skills in Nature

Quick Details

Person Ages 7+

Survival & Life Skills in Nature

We will meet at a roadside fruit stand off of Kuhio Hwy at 8:30 am. The fruit stand opens at 7:30 am – if you get there early you can order coffee, a smoothie, or something for breakfast.

From the fruit stand we will caravan about 10 minutes down the road to a parking area next to our activity location – an undeveloped stretch of coastline with access to the beach, ocean, and coastal forests. Once there, we will circle up under the shade of ironwood trees to introduce ourselves and check in about what we will be doing for the next several hours.

Activities will vary depending on weather conditions that day and the interest of the group. Potential topics include:

1) Survival fire making
2) Nature observation & wildlife tracking
3) Nature meditation & observation skills
4) Foraging for food and studying medicinal or otherwise useful plants
5) Rope & cordage making
6) Survival shelter building
7) Primitive fish & animal traps
8) Water procurement & filtration
9) The art of camouflage
10) Survival pack essentials

Throughout this experience we will invite you to use your senses to tap into the rhythms of nature – fine tuning your innate observational skills to pick up on the, at times subtle, information nature is always giving us. These might come to you via a new sight, sound, smell, and/or sensation.

At noon we will circle up again for a check-in / closing circle.Description of image