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North Shore Coastal Wildlife Hike

Kauaʻi's amazing wildlife is the focus of this tour!

Quick Details

Flat Rate Up to 4 Guests
Private Hiking Tour $95 for each additional guest
Private Hiking Tour & Snorkel Adv. $145 for each additional guest

Undeveloped Kauaʻi Coastline Hike with Wildlife

Hiking this pristine stretch of undeveloped coastline will give you a sense of what ancient Kauaʻi might have felt like, long before tourists left their footprints in the sand. It is in this natural setting that we will have a good chance of seeing the endangered Hawaiian monk seal.

We may also see honu (green sea turtles) basking in the sand and migratory seabirds, such as mōlī (Laysan albatross), ʻiwa (great frigatebird), and red-footed boobies soaring overhead.

Our hike hugs the wild coast, taking us over beaches and rocky shorelines for about two miles before reaching a rocky promontory with epic views in both directions. As you study this unspoiled terrain for shells, you’ll also have the opportunity to pick up “marine debris,” washed up from far-flung parts of the world (trash bags provided).


Snorkeling Adventure Add-On:

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Linger in this serene setting for another hour, while some or all of your group go snorkeling. This option will add about two hours to the tour duration due to time in the water, driving time, and fitting snorkel gear in the morning. If you choose this option, please pack a lunch.

For an additional fee the guide will pick up and drop off snorkeling gear for you. Please note that we cannot guarantee fit if you are not there in person to try on the gear (provide us with your approximate foot and face sizes and we will do our best). Add 1.25 – 1.5 hours to your tour duration if we will be providing the snorkel gear for you or if you will be arriving with your own gear (we can suggest snorkel gear rental shops near you).